Hidden Sanctuary Hotel and Resort, Marilao Bulacan


If you want to just go and take a break from the busy life in the metro. Perhaps, you need a venue for your company to have the ideal team building location that is not too far from Metro Manila. Hidden Sanctuary Hotel and Resort is the perfect place for you.

45mins away from Balintawak, you can take the NLEX (north luzon expressway) up to Marilao ext.  Enter Marilao and drive until you reach the road junction after the municipal hall of marilao. Turn left at san jose del monte, drive straight until you see the sigh of Hidden Sanctuary at the right side.

For people who wants to go there by taking a bus, go to balintawak bus station of suntrans. Ride bus going to Muson, the bus will pass by the resort itself.

This resort is famous with its Twin Wave Pools. It is the only resort here in the Philippines who has two huge wave pools.

The second wave pool is right in front of the first wave pool. We weren’t able to take a photo of it coz it was under maintenance at that time.

The resort is a perfect place for reunions, barkada trip, corporate events, team buildings etc.


As you can see by the photo, they have a big parking lot that can accommodate bus, cars, and they even have a motorcycle parking lot. Perhaps for guest who just want to be alone and away from the busy life of the city.

_DSC5024 _DSC5028

The Lutong Bukid Restaurant, the resort restaurant. The food is delicious, its really lutong bukid. When we got there, we where greeted with their yummy burger and a pitcher of ice tea. At lunch, it was pork tankatsu. Second snack was filipino style spaghetti. At Dinner, it was adobo. Breakfast was tocino.  Unfortunately we weren’t able to take photos of the food ^^j it looked so delicious that we just directly ate them and didn’t remember that we needed to take a photo of it… hehehe

These are the Cabanas. This is good if you and your friends, co-workers, relatives etc, just want to have a whole day fun at the resort. Enjoying the yummy food and the wave pools. The cabanas are placed directly near the wave pools and the resort restaurant.


Below the cabanas are additional parking lots, if you want to have your car closer to you. No need to go to the parking lot to get something from your car or much easier to transport your picnic goodies from your car to your cabana.

The following photos is how the interior of the Cabanas look like.

_DSC4980 _DSC4986

_DSC4977 _DSC4988

and this is view that you can see from the cabanas.


In the middle of the twin pools lies the Cayen Island Cove. The man-made beach bar, complete with sands and a billiard table.

_DSC4962_DSC4970  _DSC4964_DSC4960


Also, by the sides of the Wave Pools are the Cottages, for persons who wants to be much closer to the wave pools.

and this is the public toilet and bath for guests who are staying for a whole day of fun ^_^


On the far right of the resort, you will find a mini zoo. With monkeys and eagles.

_DSC5047 _DSC5054

Now, we have shown you what Hidden Sanctuary Resort has to offer for its guests. Now its time to introduce you to the Hidden Sanctuary Hotel. Further down, you will find yourself at their hotel. You will be greeted by their Kiddy pool that has a Jacuzzi in the middle and a slide where your kiddies can enjoy themselves.






The HOTEL offers 36 rooms. Whenever i check into a hotel, the first thing that i check is the bathroom. They may not have a bathtub in their rooms, but i directly fell in love with their shower room. State of the art Rain shower with 6 mist nuzzles and a detachable shower head.

_DSC4741 _DSC4742

They have four different types of rooms. The Executive room, Superior, deluxe and Junior suite. Make it Five, they have a family room. The family room consists of two rooms. One room with a queen size bed and the other room with two single beds with one bed having a pull out bed underneath. What i liked about their hotel rooms is that, all the rooms have balconies, over looking to the hotel pool. All rooms are equip with Cable TV, WiFi, AC and HotnCold Shower.

_DSC4747 _DSC5071


_DSC4718 _DSC4732 _DSC4774 _DSC4780 _DSC4826 _DSC4837 _DSC4845 _DSC4852 _DSC4855

There is more to this place. Up on the hotel roof top is their two function rooms. One is for formal events. The other one is my favorite. It has nice architectural structures and its designed as a club. It has a loft where you can find the DJ booth. A red spiral staircase complete with club lights and stage. It also has couches on its sides. Its the best place to have your party away from the city but yet celebrate it like your in the metro.

The Lobby between the two function rooms.

_DSC4875 _DSC4877

Function Room One.

_DSC4879 _DSC4888

Function Room Two.

_DSC4902 _DSC4903 _DSC4910 _DSC4920

In closing, let us take you to Hidden Sanctuary Hotel and Resort at night.



Highly recommended for a family vacation, group outings, corporate functions, celebrations, or even photoshoots, where the rates are budget-friendly and affordable, the facilities are excellent, and the food is good. 

The Hidden Sanctuary Hotel & Resort also has friendly and courteous staff, for a truly enjoyable experience, second to none.

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