Upside Down Restaurant

Bored? and hungry? Well, head over to katipunan ave. and to the famous and only upside restaurant in south east asia. The Pan de Amerikana Upside down Restaurant in Katipunan ave. Famous with their old fashion yummy pandesal, Pan de Amerikana is famous with their unique restaurant theme. And one of this is this branch in Katipunan. You will never miss it, coz its the only upside down house found along katipunan avenue. You would see a red landrover which is upside down on the upside down garage. You enter into the whole of the roof top of the restaurant. You will be greeted with warm and accommodating smiles from the PdA staff. Going to their dining area, you’ll pass by mini bridge over wishing falls. And further you will see tables and chairs, plants and a grand piano upside down on the ceiling. Its a very cosy unique restaurant.

And the food? well, the food is yummy and very affordable. I had breakfast here on the morning of my birthday with my sister, her friend and with my best friend. We ordered a lot but only paid php515. The food ranges from php40-55 or if you’ll go with the family platter which is around php500-600.

My next stop would be their Marikina Branch.. coz i’ve heard they have a life size chess board there. ^_^